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Our School Uniform

The school has a uniform which we encourage the children to wear at all times.  You can purchase sweatshirts, cardigans, book bags etc. from

Boys and Girls

Navy blue sweatshirt and cardigan with school logo.

Grey trousers, skirt, shorts or pinafore.

White polo shirt

Grey or white socks or tights

Girls summer variation – Blue and white checked summer dress

Black school shoes

Art and outside clothes

It would be appreciated if parents could provide protective clothing for use during art activities.  An old shirt for the older children and a plastic apron for the younger children will lessen the damage to clothes.  As outdoor learning is going to be more a part of our curriculum we would like all our children to have Wellington boots and water proofs at school.  Please make sure that ALL items are properly labelled, so lost items can easily be recognised.


For PE and most games children should wear shorts, a team colour or white T-shirt and gym shoes are needed. For indoor activities they should go bare-footed or wear clean trainers.  During winter months children will be allowed to wear track suits and trainers outside.  Outdoor footwear should come in a plastic bag.  For activities such as swimming and any PE session, it is expected that children will have their earrings or studs removed before coming to school so that they can participate safely.